Dennis Michael's Comedy Magic Show!

Customer relations entertainment for restuarants. The magic of building relationships.


We live in the south end of Denver where there are lots of family restaurants serving suburbs of Centennial and the Highland’s Ranch areas. It’s nice when you can look at eating out as a “research” for your work. I perform magic in restaurants and provide a unique service that focuses on creating a positive customer experience. As a customer relations promotional entertainer in the Denver area, I am always looking for restaurants that might be potential venues for me to provide my public relations entertainment services.

There are many restaurants competing for business. I have found that not every restaurant is a good fit for my performances and service but when I see one I immediately get excited about the potential. I have over 25 years of experience under my belt so I have come to a point where I know if a restaurant is a good fit for me and my services. There is an atmosphere that welcomes playful interaction and a fun experience.

Let’s clear up the most common myth:
Before I talk too much more I would like to clear up some misconceptions about what my services are all about. There is a difference in hiring someone who does balloon animals or performs some magic tricks and hiring someone who specializes in customer relations entertainment. While the aforementioned provide a novelty entertainment, I work to engage and entertain your guests in a way that creates a fun, interactive experience and creates real lasting relationships with customers.

I am different than many restaurant magicians.
What restaurant managers and owners quickly discover about my services is that it differs greatly from the run of the mill restaurant performer that approaches them. Yes, at first glance it looks like I am doing magic for customers while they wait for their food to arrive just like any other magician who does this kind of work. However what I really am doing is performing as a magical human marketing tool.

Here is how I see my job description when I am performing for a restaurant’s patrons:

"I am a customer relations entertainer specializing in creating meaningful and long lasting relationships with restaurant patrons. I am an integral part of the customer’s experience.  While I entertain with magic I am actually building meaningful and long lasting relationships with the customers for the restaurant. I also observe and provide valuable insight to the management regarding their customer’s overall satisfaction with their service. I am there to keep, build and promote that restaurant’s business in a positive way."

What I understand and what your average restaurant entertainer doesn’t is that you need more than just fun entertainment. You have to more than just a novelty to the patrons. You have to genuinely be building relationships. 

Come see for yourself come visit me at one of these great family restaurants.

Romano’s Italian Restaurant- Highland’s Ranch
Wednesday nights from 6pm - 8pm.

 C.B. & Potts in Highland’s Ranch
Thursday nights from 6pm - 8pm